Going grain free was no easy task…especially for a gluten-loving Italian.

No pasta?!  NO BREAD?!?  Are you kidding?  Fugettaboutit.

Then intestinal problems came on the scene.  I’ll spare you the details.  (Ahem)  For myself, indulging in a loaf little piece of crusty bread is worth doubling over in pain later – but not when it comes to my little girl.  In a desperate attempt to heal her intestines by reducing inflammation and repairing leaky gut – not to mention the desire to see her sleep through the night pain free – we decided to go grain free, refined sugar free, casein free, soy free, and a few other “frees”.

Saying “ciao” to butter, most cheeses, bread, pasta and even alternative grains used in many gluten free recipes, has made such a difference for my daughter and me.  Almost immediately after making these dietary changes, she began sleeping through the night.  No more crouching over the toilet at 3:00 a.m. feeling like she’s going to be sick.

Eventually, even the “Mommy, my tummy doesn’t feel well” mantra that became our bedtime ritual began to happen with less frequency.  We still have some bumps along the way, but are thankful for the improvement God has allowed and are hopeful for continued recovery.

The links I’ve listed on this site have been a tremendous help to me.  In an effort to add some of our faves to the grain free cyber recipe pot and, in the hopes that in some small way, I might serve to encourage others with similar plights, “My Big Fat Grain Free Life” blog is born.

I pray this blog will be of some use to those suffering from painful intestinal yuckiness.

- Jen

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  1. Thanks, Jen for the recipes and ideas. Not only is grain-free great for those of us who are grain intolerant and get the major tummy issues, but my mom and brother are diabetics and this will be most helpful when making treats for them. I can’t wait to try the desserts.

  2. Please sign me up for your blog emails. I need something like this to help me in my problem.
    I have found a lot of recipes on my search engine, but you have to know what your looking for.
    Thank you so much

    • Anna,

      My bar on top of the site isn’t working, but the side bar has a place for signing up for emails. Feel free to use that to sign up. I hope the recipes are a help to you in your journey!