AIP – Day One and Tips to Staying in the Game…

Have you noticed my new banner?  Just look at the top of my page.  See the adorable little tomatoes sitting next to the garlic and basil?  Do you know why I chose tomato, garlic and basil to be on my new banner?  It’s because they make me happy – especially when I’m eating them…together…sprinkled with Pecorino Romano cheese (or fresh mozzarella in the ole’ days).

Well, for now, I’m going to ignore those adorable little tomatoes – because they’re considered nightshades, and right now, on AIP, I can’t have nightshades…(looooong sigh).  If you’re new here, see my first post about AIP.

Well, I’ve almost finished my hissy fit, picked myself up by my bootstraps and decided to man up.  Yes, I’m putting on my best Maureen O’Hara (c’mon, haven’t you seen any John Wayne movies?) and going to tackle the AIP…hopefully for only 30 days but as long as Super-Doc makes me thinks it’s in my immune system’s best interest.

I wanted to share a few tips that have helped AIP work for me (so far).  I might add to this list as I post my meals throughout the next 30 days…

  • Over the weekend, I made a double batch of Delicious Chicken Stock (minus the peppercorns).  Once cool enough, I froze it in quart-sized glass jars (be sure to leave enough room at the top for expansion in the freezer or they will break).  This will allow me to have AIP-legal stock on hand for soups like Golden Cauliflower Soup, Chicken Zoodle Soup, or adding to pan sauces for chicken piccata (recipe coming soon).
  • Take chicken meat off bones (see above) and freeze in zip-top freezer bags to have emergency protein on hand.
  • Prep veggies for stir-fry to make with leftover protein.  (I’m on a leek kick, so leeks, zucchini, broccoli or whatever sounds good at the moment.)
  • Have washed greens on hand to saute or use in stir-fry.  (I’m using Costco’s greens and spinach by Organic Girl plus whatever looks good through my local produce co-op.)
  • Shred a boat load of carrots and beets in my food processor.  Store in the fridge in a glass container with lid.  This is great alone with olive oil and salt or tossed into a stir fry or salad.
  • Make extra at dinner to have heated up for breakfast and/or lunch the next day or two.  (Super Doc recommended this.)
  • Make Slow Cooker Italian Pork Roast and separate into smaller portions.  Freeze and pull out when in need of protein.  This recipe also works well with beef chuck roast.
  • Make a vat of pesto with fresh basil, salt, garlic and extra virgin olive oil.  Store in a small glass jar with a layer of olive oil on top in the fridge.  Use a dollop on pan-fried chicken breasts, mix into zucchini noodles or spaghetti squash for a delicious flavor boost.
  • Breathe, cry and pray for strength.  It can be done by God’s grace!


Breakfast:  Made a quick saute with coconut oil using Whole Foods’ Naked Turkey Breast and a handful of greens.  (Choked this one down…)

Lunch:  Golden Cauliflower Soup and small amount of leftovers from breakfast.  2 pieces of Whole Foods Naked Roast Beef.  Shredded carrots and beets with extra virgin olive oil and salt.

Snack:  2 pieces of Whole Foods’ Naked Roast Beef with more shredded carrots and beets.

Dinner:  Italian Roast (used beef chuck); mashed sweet potato with coconut oil and cinnamon; zucchini rounds and chopped onion tossed with olive oil, salt and garlic powder and then roasted.

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  1. I feel like AIP is in my future too, but not ready yet, so I’m reading these posts carefully and trying to incorporate more AIP recipes into my routine. Good luck – you are brave!

    • Thanks Sarah – I don’t think I’m brave – but more like desperate. I must be – I’m willing to give up food and that doesn’t come easily. We’ll see how this goes! Thanks for being there for the ride-

  2. Michelle Sears says:

    Know this must be hard, but I am proud of you! Your Day 1 actually sounds pretty good:)

  3. You can do it, Jen!!! Thanks for the great tips.


  4. Hi, I don’t know if you are giving up peppercorns for another reason, but they are totally allowed on the AIP. (They aren’t part of the nightshade family, and for me, they were vital in making it through the restricted protocol.)

    • Hey Eileen-

      I think I based the no peppercorns on Paleo Mom’s info saying to stay away from seed-based spices, since nuts and seeds are off the protocol. I’m not even sure though. Living without pepper isn’t a big deal to me at this point. It’s the smoked paprika and cumin that I miss the most.

  5. Teresa McDaniels says:

    Just found your blog via Living Without’s Gluten Free e-mails that I am receiving. I wasn’t too impressed with their e-mails until I received this one. Mostly because Nightshades were not usually a part of them and I have other allergies (including corn) that keep me from eating most gluten-free products (including their flours, which eliminates making my own goodies). I started reading your blog and am so intrigued. Thank you for sharing and for your recipes! I can hardly wait to start cooking. I am getting pretty tired of salads. :]=

    • Thanks Teresa! You have certainly made my day. It’s my hope that someone will find this blog encouraging (or at least entertaining) on their journey to health. Thanks for the encouragement.
      Best wishes-



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